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Bench Hardness Tester - Vickers - TH715 Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

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1. The Micro Vickers Hardness Tester is a new type high-tech product combining the optical, mechanic and electronic techniques; with a big LCD screen, a novel and pleasing appearance, direct-viewing, operational functions and reliability, and hence it is an ideal instrument for the testing of micro-hardness. The indenter and the objective shifting are automatically completed.
2. Made with a precise design in the field of mechanics, CPU control of the testing in the electric field, and adopted the highly clear optic testing system and photo-electric sensor in the field of optics, the instrument has multiple functions as the input by means of the touch keys on the operating board, the presetting of the dwell time for test force, the selection of the Vickers or the Knoop measuring methods, regulation of the intensity for measuring light source. All the testing data such as the indentation length, the hardness value, the number of the measurements and the date and time are all shown on the LCD screen; and can be outputted by printer as well. By means of RS232 interface, the instrument would be connected with computer.
3. According to the particular requirements of the client, the tester can be equipped with CCD, visual and photographical devices. The instrument is suitable for testing the micro and thin pieces, the parts with the permeated and coated surface, it is also fit for testing Vickers and Knoop hardness value for the crisp materials such as the agate, glass, ceramics and it is, therefore, an ideal hardness measuring instrument for the scientific research institutes, the universities and colleges, the industrial production units and the metrological institutes using with for studying and measuring.

Technical Specification
1. Test Forces: 0.098N(10gf), 0.245N(25gf), 0.49N(50gf), 0.9807N(100gf), 1.961N(200gf), 2.942N(300gf), 4.903N(500gf), 9.807N(1000gf)
2. Displayed Hardness Value

Hardness Range Max Tolerance
£¨200¡«300£©HV0.05 ±5.0%
(400¡«500)HV0.1£¬£¨700¡«800£©HV0.2 ±4.0%
(700¡«800)HV0.5£¬HV1 ±3.0£¥

3. Objective and the Indenter shifting Method: Automatic shifting
4. Carriage Application Method: automatic loading and unloading
5. Dwell time of the test force: 0~60 s£¨5 seconds as a unit£©
6. Optical system:

Objective 10×(Observation) 40×( Measurement )
Measuring Eyepiece 10×
Total Amplification 100×( Observation ) 400×( Measurement )
Resolution Rate   0.0625μm

7. Max. height of the specimen: 100 mm
8. Distance between the point of the indenter and the exterior panel: 98 mm
9. Weight of the main body: 30 kg
10. Power: AC220V/50~60Hz
11. Overall Dimension: £¨480×305×545£©mm

Accessories ( the Packing List )
1. The main instrument ( including a micro indenter, a 10×objective and a 40×objective ).
2. The Accessories Kit:

Weight 6
Weight Axis 1
A Cross Testing Table 1
A Platelet Fixture 1
A Plane-holding Fixture 1
A Filament Fixture 1
Level 1
Screw Drivers 2
Horizontal Regulation Screws 4
An Electric Cave 1
A 10× Digital Microscope 1
Vickers Hardness Blocks 2(one middle-sized HV 0.2 block and one high-sized HV 1 block)
Repair Fuses ( 1 A ) 2
Usage Instruction Manual 1

3. Special Accessories
    3.1 Knoop Indenters
    3.2 Hardness Blocks
    3.3 Metallographic Specimen Cutter
    3.4 Metallographic Specimen Inlaying Machine
    3.5 Metallographic Specimen Polishing Machine
    3.6 CCD Image Treatment System

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