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Bench Hardness Tester - Rockwell - TIME6101 Motorized Rockwell Hardness Tester

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Product Introduction
Hardness is one of the important characteristics which indicate the mechanic performance of material, while the hardness testing is an important method to judge the quality of the metal material or its component parts. Due to the hardness of the metal is correspondent to its mechanic characteristics, and so its mechanic characteristics such as the strength, tiredness, wriggling and wearing out can be calculated out approximately through its hardness testing.
The Motorized Rockwell Hardness Tester is adopted a mechanism to automatically load and unload the test force, rotated the Load-Change Hand Wheel to exchange test force, therefore the operation for this instrument is very simple, easy and prompt. Besides setting zero to dial, there is no man made error. The instrument is with high sensitivity and stability, so as suitable for usage in workshop and testing laboratory.

Technical Specification
1. The Initial Test Force: 98.07N (10kg); Tolerance: ± 2.0%
2. The Total Test Force: 588.4N(60kg), 980.7N(100kg), 1471N(150Kg); Tolerance: ± 1.0%
3. The Indenter Specification:
    3.1 The Diamond Rockwell Indenter
    3.2 The φ1.5875 mm Ball Indenter
4. The Power Source: AC220V±5%, 50-60 Hz
5. Time-delayed control: 2-60 seconds, adjustable
6. The Max. Height of the Specimen: 175 mm
7. The Distance from the Indenter Center to the Instrument Body: 165mm.
8. The Overall Dimension of the Tester: 525×210×730mm
9. The Net Weight of the Tester: 78kg

Accessories (The Packing List)

No. Description of Goods Quantity
1 Diamond Rockwell Indenter 1 PC
2 1.5875mm Ball Indenter 1 PC
3 Testing Table (big, medium, "V"-shaped) TOTAL 3 PCS
  Standard Rockwell Hardness Block
4 HRB 1 PC
5 HRC (High and Low) TOTAL 2 PCS
6 Fuse 2A 2 PCS
7 Power Cord 1 PC
8 Weight A, Weight B, Weight C TOTAL 3 PCS
9 Level 1 PC
10 Horizontal Regulating Screw 4 PCS
11 Screwdriver 1 PC
12 Solid Spanner 1 PC
13 Nylon Anti-dust Bag 1 PC
14 Usage Instruction Manual 1 PC

Industry Application
TIME6101 electric Rockwell Hardness Tester is used for the Rockwell hardness testing of hardened steel, the tempering steel, steel, steel rolling, annealing cold malleable iron, aluminum alloy, copper and so on. It is widely applied in the factory workshops and metering apartments.
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